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Just because you’re turning old doesn’t mean you need to look ‘old’. In fact, no one wants to look like their grandmother or mother after reaching a certain age. To complement their mature personality and aging self, they are always on the hunt to look out for the Best Hairstyles for Women over 50. When a woman steps past the Big 50 line, she stops to contemplate and wonder what changes she needs to be making in her life. Starting from her image, clothing, personality traits, and, perhaps, career choices, she wants to make everything look respectful, decent, and youthful. In this respect, your hair tops the list.

Here is a list of trendy and modern hairstyles for women over 50 to inspire you in choosing Your style.
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Best Hairstyles for Women over 50

Finding the best hairstyle for yourself is no easy task in today’s time. There is always a list of limitless options to choose from which is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. So, to save you the trouble, we are listing the best hairstyles for women over 50 with short, medium, and long hair.

In this way, you can easily select the one that suits you depending on your desired hair length.

Short Hairstyles for Women

Looking for inspiration for your short hair? Here you go!

  • Pixie Best Hairstyles for Women

How does an idea of Pixie Hairstyles for Women sound? Believe it or not, pixie hairstyles scream confidence and interdependence. If you haven’t tried one before, perhaps your 50s is the time to finally do it.
Here is Jamie Lee Curtis giving us major strong female vibes in her bold and beautiful pixie look.
hairstyle for women

Pixie Hairstyles

  • Lob or Bob

It’s quite common for women over 50 to chop down their hair or keep them short. Perhaps, this is because shorter hair is easier to maintain or, maybe, it gives them a sense of freedom. Whatever the reason, short hair is definitely a favorite among our ladies in the 50 clubs.
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If you are thinking of chopping down your long locks as well, a classic A-line bob is the perfect solution for your hair. The layers will allow you to frame your face while keeping the shoulders skimmed upfront.

You can either opt for this look with bangs, side-swept bangs, or no bangs. Classic bob with Bangs is one of the best short hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces. 
lob or bob hairstyle

Lob or bob Hairstyles

This is also a perfect hairstyle choice for women over 50 with curly hair, much like the famous personality, Oprah Winfrey.
curly lob or bob hairstyle - Best Hairstyles for Women Lob or bob Hairstyles

Medium Best Hairstyles for Women

Looking for inspiration for your medium-length hair? Here you go!

  • Layered Hairstyle

Layered hairstyles are one of the most common and popular hairstyle choices for women over 50. This is mainly because a discreet layered cut with subtle honey highlights adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your style. Among the list of hairstyles for women over 50 with thin and fine hair, a layered look is definitely a popular choice.
To create a seamless style, make sure that the longest locks graze the shoulder with the top layers cut gradually shorter. Apart from looking stunningly gorgeous, hairdos are definitely easier to maintain with this one.

You can complete the overall look by adding a side-swept bang on the front and styling the brush with a round brush. If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle for women over 50 with bangs, then this is definitely the one.

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layered hairstyle - Best Hairstyles for Women

Layered Hairstyles

  • Bangs with Medium Length – Best Hairstyles for Women

Who doesn’t want to look a few years younger? If this is what you’re going for, bangs are the perfect way to do that. They not only add a touch of flair to your hairstyle but makes your overall image appear youthful and cheeky. Adding bangs to your hair can help you create a youthful and respected image.
layered hairstyle with short hair

Bangs with Medium Length

Long Best Hairstyles for Women

Looking for inspiration for your long locks? Here you go!

  • Long Layers with Beachy Waves

Still in love with your long beautiful hair? Well, turning 50 doesn’t necessarily mean you need to let them go. Long Layered Hairstyles look absolutely stunning on women over 50. It creates an image of a woman in tune with her inner femininity and embracing the world with a head-on approach.
For women over 50 with thick hair wavy hair, it is best to go for long layers with slightly beachy waves. This will allow you to keep your natural volume while reducing the hassle of maintaining your hair.
long layered hairstyle

Long Layered Hairstyles

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  • Straight and Face framing Long Locks

I’m not going to lie but a straight, long cut is not the easiest look to pull off whether you’re 20 or 50. However, for the ladies with naturally straight hair, creating voluminous curls can be rather time-consuming. For this purpose, consider keeping your long hair straight and adding a few layers to frame your face.

This will allow you to soften the severity of the straight hair and creating a gorgeous feminine look. To give it a little bounce, blow dry your hair with a round brush and create a slight curl at the ends for shape and movement.
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Straight and face Framing Hairstyles

Straight and face Framing Hairstyles


Fashion for women over 50 is not something to shy away from. Creating beautiful hairstyles can allow you to maintain your image as a beautiful woman without worrying about your age. This article gives you a complete list of hairstyles that you can try to give yourself the perfect look you want.
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