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How To Remove Henna: 11 amazing methods | Madam Stylo

Today we are going to tell you How to remove Henna with 11 amazing methods instantly, usually, girls use Mehndi to make their hands beautiful, as mehndi is a natural thing which is made by the leaves of Lawsonia Inermis. Henna can last on your hands for 2 weeks approximately. And there is no product available in the market which can remove henna quickly. But by using natural, exfoliating, and scrubbing one can remove mehndi’s tattoo easily.

Here are those tips for how To remove henna with 11 amazing methods


#1. Cleansing :

Removing a henna tattoo with delicate cleanser and warm water can help lift away a portion of the tattoo’s shades. You can apply cleanser on the area covered with henna and massage it with your hand or a delicate wipe before washing the skin with warm water. Using this strategy a few times each day can help eliminate the tattoo.

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How To Remove Henna with 11 amazing methods

#2. Salty Water:

You can lighten mehndi by absorbing your hands in the salty water which is also an exfoliator, like sea salt or even table salt, works as well. The sodium chloride in salt can help support your living skin cells and dispose of dead ones. Pour about a large portion of some salt into the warm water and splash your hands into it for about 20-25 minutes.

removing henna tattoo
Salty Water can help removing henna

#3. Scrubbing:

Exfoliating is the way to eliminate henna asap. So it is a smart thought to utilize your face scrub to do it. Tenderly back rub your hands with your most loved exfoliator for around 3-4 minutes. Do it consistently until your Mehendi fades away. The mini particles present in the scrub delicately eliminate the stains.

Remove Mehndi From Hands
Scrubbing can be effective for removing henna

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#4. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is a supernatural oil, and one of its best advantages is that it helps in the expulsion of Mehendi. The best part is, this one has no reactions. Splash a q-tip in olive oil and swipe it over your hands. You could add some salt to the oil to additionally rush the cycle of removing mehndi. Leave the oil to absorb for around 10 minutes. You could conceivably wash your hands after the cycle. The oil may very well get consumed into your skin. You can use this method for 3 times a day for better results.

Olive oil to remove mehndi
Remove henna with Olive Oil

#5. Toothpaste:

Ingredients in toothpaste can assist you with disposing of the Mehendi shading from your hands. Apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the Mehendi color and let it dry normally for 5 minutes, and then wipe with a sponge or cloth.

Tooth paste for removing mehndi
Toothpaste for removing mehdi

#6. Baking Soda and Lemon :

Baking soda with lemon is another regular lightening agent that can assist you to blur the mehndi stains from your hands and feet quickly. Make a thick paste by combining the equivalent portion of baking powder and lemon. Apply on your hands to eliminate the mehndi color. Leave it to dry there for five minutes and afterward wash it off. Use this method daily until mehndi stains blur away.

Lemon for removing hands
Baking Soda and Lemon to remove henna

#7. Hazel Witch Toner:

In the event that you need a more herbal methodology, you can utilize witch hazel toner to blur and eliminate that irritating henna design. Spot it onto the tattoo with a cotton ball and let it absorb for 15-20 mins. In the end, clean it with a dry cloth. Do it twice a day.

Tonner for removing Henna from hands
Hazel Witch Toner- to remove henna

#8. Micellar Water:

Micellar water also can be used for lightning mehndi color as it cleans the skins with particles called micelles, which separate oil, cosmetics, and other undesirable colors like henna. Utilize a clean cloth or wipe to delicately rub against the skin and flush with warm water.

Micellar Cleansing Water
Micellar Water

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#9. Bleach Your Hands:

Bleaching is one of the powerful techniques to eliminate henna stains. Get a packet of regular bleach and mix it with bleaching powder and apply it on hands and let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash it off with normal water.

Bleach use - for removing Henna
Bleaching Your Hands for removing henna

#10. Hydrogen PerOxide:

Hydrogen peroxide can also be an incredible thing to eliminate mehndi designs. Plunge a q-tip in hydrogen peroxide and tenderly rub-on tattoo or add some amount in water and dip your hands in it. After some time you can see the results. Hydrogen peroxide isn’t appropriate for all skins so first do a fix test at that point apply on the whole tattoo.

Henna Removing
Hydrogen PerOxide use to remove henna

#11. Coconut Oil Suger scrub:

Coconut oil and natural sugar make an incredible shedding mixture. Rub the coconut oil on your henna tattoo and let your skin ingest it before layering the raw sugar on top. Rub the sugar over your tattoo before applying pressure with a clean washcloth to eliminate the oil and sugar from your skin. Do this method twice a day.

Coconut oil for removing henna
Coconut Oil Suger scrubbing

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1. These methods can be a cause of dryness on your hands so do not forget to apply lotion or moisturizer on your hands after using these things.
2. Bleaching, Baking soda, Hydrogen PerOxide is not for All skin types so test them on a small area of your skin before using those products. Quickly, remove them of you feel any irritation on your skin.

FAQ’s :

How to remove henna from the skin instantly?

Skin bleach can remove mehndi/henna more quickly than other remedies. Use regular bleach on hands to lighten your mehndi.
Note: First do a patch test if you have sensitive skin.

How to Remove Henna from hands?

Baby oil is a simple method to break down the color like henna tattoos. Rub the baby oil onto the tattoo and leave for 10-20 minutes at that point then wash it off with warm water. Use baby oil 3 times a day.

How to remove mehndi from hair?

You can get rid of your henna colored hair by dipping hair in acid like lemon juice, vinegar, or yogurt. But acid may also make your hair dry and weak. So the most ideal approach to utilize acid is to include it in conditioner and then apply it on your hairs and after 5 minutes wash it off.

Easy way to remove Mehndi?

Shaving can help to fade away mehndi designs on the hands that the layer of mehndi shade shows up on can be shed easily. Use shaving cream or any shaving product on the affected area and shave it off.

The best tip to remove mehndi fast?

Washing your hands is the best way to remove henna but it is a slow method. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap or handwash for about 10-12 times a day.

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