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23 Best Long Hairstyles for Women 2021 | Madam Stylo

At any length, the hair looks good. But longer hair allows you more room for colours, layers, and patterns to experiment with. We feel you, and we’re here for you, we’ve rounded up a lot of inspiration pictures of long hairstyles for women and hair cuts for women with long hairs that require minimum mirror time. If you’re more of a lazy girl and would rather skip fussy designs. But there are lots of cutting-edge possibilities here as well if you sound extra and want to contribute to some imaginative work.

There is something for every taste, texture, and ability level, whether it’s testing out a temporary colour before you go full red, adding a fun necklace to mix things up, or just messing with the new trends.  look no further every time you’re hunting for a change of scenery, Sorry I mean hair. Check out these easy hairstyles for long hairs.

#1. Rope Braid Hairstyle

Even if you do not have any braiding abilities, you could flaunt a braid! Because by simply wrapping two parts of hair around each other, the Rope Braid is made.



And this hairdo’s beauty quotient is inversely proportional to the efforts involved.

Rope long hairstyle

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#2. Gothic long Hairstyles for Women

Goth hairstyles are as distinctive as the fashion of the Goth themselves.

Gothic long hairstyle for women

There are several “looks” of being Goth, beyond what you might hear, and it’s not all spiky black hair with many layers.

Long Hairstyle for Women

#3. Perm Hairstyles for very long hairs

There are several forms of perms, but you’re not limited to crazy kinky ringlets alone. If kept at the end of the back, you can go for a wavy perm that sits perfectly. To let the loose curls fall where they can, take the hair a little off the centre.

Perm Long hairstyle

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#4. Side Swept Hairstyle

A swept hairstyle on the side looks sleek and effortless. It looks like you’ve either thrown your long curves over your shoulder or your hair has been lightly whipped out of your way by the breeze.

Side swept long hairstyle

For long hair and even for certain shorter cuts like the bob or also one with a side sweeping hairstyle fits.

#5. Tousled Hairstyle

When paired with long blond hair, tousled hair can manage to look completely delightful. This hairstyle is best for long faces  Whether it is a formal gathering or a casual girl’s night out on a Saturday night, this mix is ideal for any given atmosphere.

Tousled long hairstyle

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#6. Fishtail Bun Hairstyle

Style your long hair and look awesome with a Braided Bun Fishtail. The hairstyle is suitable for weddings and night parties, for medium to long hair.

Fishtail braided bun

#7. Glam Half-Up Bouffant Hairstyle

Look like the Showbiz Diva of ’60s with  Glam up Half-Bouffant. You can effectively transform your retro-chic hairs in Bouffant Hairstyle.

Glam half up hairstyle

It is the best long hairstyle for women in 2021.

Half-up half down bouffant

#8. Half-up Lace Rose Hairstyle

If you want creative hairdo, consider the half-up lace rose hairstyle. Rock the festive season with this kind of popular long hairstyles for women that requires small efforts.

Rose Lace hairstyle

#9. High Ponytail Hairstyle

Look sophisticated and chic with a hairstyle of a high ponytail. It’s just another hairstyle and several kinds of costumes.

High Pony tail long hairstyle for women

A tidy high pony makes you look better in a suit and a messy ponytail with a dungaree looks pretty.

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#10. French twist hairstyle

It is French Twist Hairstyle if there is a hairstyle that still stays popular. For an evening gown, the hairstyle sends beauty. This simple coiffure can also be used to work every day.

Long hairstyles for women

A French twist updo is loved by everyone, particularly when it is combined with formal or office wear. Getting the right mix of sloppy, formal, here’s a French update.

#11. Gibson Tucked Hairdo

Gibson Girl hairstyle is a soft bouffant that places the wearer’s face in a glamorous and whimsical manner and simply increases their characteristics. Great for your workplace, a fun outing, and even a short shopping trip.

Gibson Tucked Long Hairstyle for women

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#12. bandana hairstyles

Hair accessories have made a big return in the last few years; they’ve been running great on the runways and have trickled down to our vanities. But behind the oversized knotted headbands is our accessory du jour: bandanas. So here are the perfect bandana hairstyles for encouragement. And though bandanas have always been around forever.

Bandana Hairstyles

#13. Layered Long hairstyles for women

For every lady, the layered hairstyle is great. This is the simplest and easiest hairstyle to achieve. Long layers are effectively accomplished by leaving the locks long and cutting just a few inches from the ends into the hair.

Layered long hairstyle

The goal is to prevent choppy, extreme lines, and long layers from doing just the job while achieving layers. Long layers can be accentuated with any feathering across the face according to the shape of the face.

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#14. Long hairstyle for Straight and chic hair

Naturally, straight hair is effortlessly gorgeous hair. It is beautiful on its own and doesn’t require a lot of fuss to look good. The smooth design helps you to begin sculpting it in various styles.

Straight and chic hairstyle

Straight hair hairstyles have great natural shine because it gives the light a flat surface to reflect on.

#15. hairstyle and Shaggy hairs

Searching for a big hair improvement in 2020? Take the newly-actual haircut shaggy. This hairstyle is slick and layered from the 1970s and is cooler than ever. The multi-layered haircut is the epitome of low maintenance and Rockstar glamour and is usually featured on the chopstick, a layered crown, and lots of texture.

Shaggy hairs hairstyle

It’s a great hairstyle to find a cut that brings length, texture, and dimension to your hair. Moreover, all-around layers paired with raw, feathered texture produce an effortlessly chic look that can fit on any hair length and style.

#16. Long Side-Parted Feathered Cut and Hairstyle

Females with thin hair but want heavy hair should take waves or fuzzy hair into consideration. Doing so adds volume and texture. Feathering is a technique used to create volume for thin hair and reduces volume and weight in thick hair.

Side parted feathered hairs

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#17. Blunt Bangs Hairstyles

Perhaps a dense, blunt bang might not be a reasonable alternative if you have a small but wide forehead. Choose instead these bangs loosely feathered. They are heavy at the top and feather steadily to the end. These bangs go well with bobs and layered haircuts.

Blunt Bangs hairstyle

#18. Long Curtain Feathered Bangs

Feathering is a good technique to try for long haircuts for women. Long bangs allow the extra volume to build for the form of the hairdo and frame the face beautifully, covering its roundness.

Long curtain feather bangs

It is an ideal way to make the style more trendy and interesting with a slight shift without the possibility to regret chopping off bangs or struggling with issues of fashion.

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#19. Layered Cut for Thick Long Hair

Do you want to give your hair a new look? This hairstyle looks amazing even if it is simple.

layered cut for thick hairs

Sweeping bangs are best for layered hair, so they hold the whole style smooth and normal. Thick hair is better suited to managing the look when you need some back-up length.

#20. Bow Hairstyle

If you want a nice way to turn your hair up like Lady Gaga, the bow hairstyles are cute and very easy to do. It is the perfect hairstyle to make when you are heading out in a jiffy, yet you want to stand out from the crowd!

long hairstyles for women 2021

#21. Ballerina Buns

Do you want to keep your hair long but also wanted to avoid too much styling? Then try this new hairstyle! You can go to ballerina buns.

Bun Hairstyle

You just have to tie your hair in a knot at the top of your head. Set the knot with pins and use a heavy spray to stabilize it.

Bun long hairstyle for women

#22. Boho Hairstyle

Boho hair can be as formal as you want. For medium hair, this is a great choice—because you’ve got just enough but not too much length to work with.

Boho Hairstyle for women

#23. Hairstyles for Long and Oval Faces

For the oval faces, the lowest stylish ponytail is best. It provides an elegant look that suits the near-perfect characteristics of the oval face.

Oval face hairstyle

If the hair is straight or smoothed out first, it is much easier to recreate a pony. For long faces, a little shaggy hair is best.

Oval face hairstyle

#24. Hairstyle for round faces

Hairstylist Tory created, Long Waves with Long Bangs, an adorable lengthy and shaggy look with fringe! This hairstyle looks perfect on girls with round faces and a cute smile.

Round face hairstyle

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Well, we have summed up the best long hairstyles for women for different face shapes. You can choose any of these all most of them is easy to style but even if you can not do it at home take a picture and ask your hairstylist.


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