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You ask the questions; we find the answers. Recently, we got an interesting question from one of our followers asking, ‘What does Healthy Skin look like?’ I want you to pause here for a second and really ponder over the question. We often hear dermatologists pestering on about the importance of skincare routine and sun protection and serum treatment, but why is no one talking about healthy skin? What exactly is the benchmark here? How can one even identify if they unhealthy skin or not?

With millions of skincare products advertising about ‘healthy-looking skin,’ we need to equip ourselves with the knowledge of what that really means (before smuggling heaps of products on our faces, that is). Let’s take a look at what the experts of the industry have to say about this:

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Paul Tchinnis, the head manager of product development at La Mer, stated, “What does healthy skin look like? Well, Biologically speaking, healthy skin can be defined as a firm layer of the epidermis (outmost layer of your skin) that is completely intact. This means no varying thicknesses or discoloration of any sort.”

Seems pretty basic, right? Of course, to analyze this, you only need a team of dermatologists, a microscope, and a nice sample of your skin. HOWEVER, to save you this obnoxious effort, we have compiled a list of signs to indicate what healthy skin might look like (without the microscope):

1.   Your Skin is Hydrated

Your doctor isn’t the only one advising you to drink plenty of water. Dermatologists all over the world emphasize greatly on keeping your skin hydrated to stay healthy. If you are drinking your daily dose of water – three liters for males and two for females – then this means your skin is probably hydrated.

Properly hydrated skin will have a slight shine to it as compared to a non-hydrated one that may appear dull or dry. Examine your skin under natural light by slightly pinching your cheek and raising your chin. If you’re drinking proper amounts of water, you should see a little sheen.
Drink Water

2.   A Sunscreen is a Must-Have for Your Makeup Bag

Despite what mainstream media advertises, sunscreen is not only a beach trip necessity. In fact, your skin practically needs sunscreen every day, whether you’re driving a car, running some errands, or flying in an airplane.

Actively wearing sunscreen lotion will allow your skin to fight off harmful UV rays and protect itself from sun damage. This means your skin is its healthiest best and is fully nourished.
Sun Protection

3.   Consistent Skin Color

The first major sign of unhealthy skin is a lack of consistent tone in the form of dark spots, red patches, or blotches. Healthy-looking skin will have a consistent skin tone or color throughout.
An abundance of red spots or dark patches can also be a sign of a skin disorder or a disease. If you notice out-of-the-norm discoloration on your skin, it’s best to consult a dermatologist for expert opinion and advice.
consistent skin colors
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4.   Healthy Skin Texture

Despite popular beliefs, bumps and valleys are not necessarily signs of unhealthy skin. During an interview with, Gallagher, and Brannon, well-known US dermatologists, stated that Healthy skin is supposed to feel and look smooth. However, if you examine a skin up close, you’ll notice tiny peaks around the hair follicles and pores along with valleys in between.

This means that the surface of even healthy skin may appear to be regularly irregular.” Understand that your skin is not technically made of glass or plastic; it’s supposed to be organic. However, if your skin feels smooth to touch, it’s a sign that you have healthy skin. Bad skin texture can look like acne marks or irregular red bumps popping up before your prom night or wedding day.
Smooth skin

5.   Your Skin Feels Normal

Do you feel any strange or unusual sensations on your face, like itching or burning? Or perhaps your face felt dry or tight after a facewash? If your answer is negative, then that’s a sign that your skin is doing perfectly fine. Uncomfortable sensations, such as dryness or tightness, can be a sign that you are using harsh chemicals on your skin.

For your daily healthy routine, you should not feel any strange or unusual sensations after applying a product. In case you do, it’s time to switch up your skincare routine or, perhaps, consult a dermatologist. I hope this answers your question about what does healthy skin looks like; It looks normal.
healthy skin looks like

6.   You Use a Skin Exfoliator Regularly

According to healthy skin dermatology, your skin – the largest organ of a human body – sheds nearly millions of dead cells in a day. Exfoliating allows you to get rid of these dead skin cells that linger on your face and body. This will give you the benefits of healthy skin by keeping dullness out the window.
Skin Exfoliator

Final Words

Before you compare yourself to that ‘Glass Skin’ model on the television, ask yourself, ‘What does healthy skin look like?’ Just because your skin doesn’t resemble that of Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unhealthy. In fact, healthy-looking skin is more than just a collection of skincare products and salon facials.

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How to have a Smoother Skin?

Hydrate your skin. There is no better way to get smoother skin than to hydrate from within. Drink plenty of water – three liters for males and two for females. You can also add fresh juices and citrus fruits to your diet to boost hydration.

How to have the Perfect Skin?

Listen to Skincare professionals. Understand your skin type and formulate the perfect daily skincare routine for your skin. Ditch the absurd ideals of ‘glass skin’ and try to maintain hydrated and healthy-looking skin. Lastly, make moisturizers and sunscreen your best friends if you want to have the perfect skin.

How to make your skin Softer?

That’s easy. Exfoliate and moisturize. Regularly exfoliating your skin allows you to get rid of dead cells lingering on your skin and helps you improve your skin texture. After that, apply moisturizer on your skin to get a silky smooth finish.

How to Keep a Healthy Skin?

After washing your face regularly, the best way to keep your skin healthy is to maintain healthy eating habits. Eating oily or fried food can cause severe acne and discoloration. Try incorporating healthy items, such as fruits and vegetables, into your diet to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

How to get Glowing Skin?

If your skin is properly hydrated, it will have a slight shine when you examine it under natural light. The best way to get glowing skin is to keep it hydrated by drinking plenty of water and incorporating citrus fruits and juices into your diet.

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