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The question every woman asks at least once in their lifetime, “How can I stay Young and Beautiful?” The answer to this riddle may not be as difficult as you think. In fact, the solution may be right there in your nightstand or medicine cabinet. Incorporating the right Skin-Care Products and Anti Aging Tips in our Daily Routine can help us take care of our Skin in an Age-Appropriate and Healthy manner.
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Jessica Wu, an Expert Dermatologist in LA, states, “Skin is a living organ that changes with time. It is important to adjust your skincare routine to accommodate these changes to keep your skin looking its best and healthy.”

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Anti Aging Tips

Here, we have a list of some of the tried & tested and Dermatologist-approved Best Anti Aging Tips for Your Skin:

1. Use a Gentle Face Wash

A Facewash or a Cleanser is one of the must-have products in every Skin Care Routine. Dermatologists suggest using a gentle and mild face wash with hydrating agents and essential oils. The oil binds to the sebum on your face without stripping off the natural oil and locks in moisture.
Dr.Synthia Bailey, an Expert Dermatologist, states, “One of the biggest mistakes you’re making is using a harsh face cleanser, drying your skin out and stripping it off natural oils.

Compensating with a heavy moisturizer is not going to do you any favors either.”
Use a light hand motion to gently massage the cleanser in a circular motion on your face. Aggressive scrubbing can irritate the skin making it prone to acne, sensitivity, and wrinkles. Lastly, avoid over-cleansing your face as this can seriously damage your skin in the long run by stripping off natural oils and drying it out.
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Use a Gentle Face Wash - anti aging tips

2. Upgrade your Sun Protection

Every Dermatologist in the world is literally screaming at everyone to wear their sunscreen. UV exposure from the sun can cause hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne, and wrinkles. Apart from this, it also linked with different types of Skin Cancer, including Melanoma (The Fatal One).
Sun Screen lotions with zinc oxide and titanium oxide reflect the UVB and UVA rays of the sun. Furthermore, they are generally non-greasy and non-irritating, making them excellent for acne-pro and sensitive skin. Expert suggests using a sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect your skin from sun damage and keeping it healthy.

Upgrade your Sun Protection - anti aging tips

3. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.

Did you know our skin sheds dead cells regularly and creates a new layer after every 28 days? With time, this process tends to slow down resulting in rough patches and a dull-looking complexion. This is why exfoliation is one of the primary factors to prevent aging.
Selecting the right kind of exfoliator is another struggle altogether. Using a harsh scrub with abrasive particles can accelerate the aging process by removing the protective barrier on your skin. Try going for a mild or chemical exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells from your face.

Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate - anti aging tips

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4. Say Hello to Retinoids

One of the easiest ways to Fight Aging Skin Problems and Keeping Skin Young is to add Retinoids to your Skincare Routine.

Retinoid – a prescription-strength version of Vitamin A – or Vitamin-A-based treatments can stop the aging process before it even begins. You can incorporate Retinol Moisturizer or Cream as a part of your skincare to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and textured skin.
Wu explains, “I recommend retinoid supplements to my patients for the prevention of Skin Aging in their late thirties.” Before this, she advises them to use over-the-counter retinol creams two to three times a week.

Say Hello to Retinoids

5. Watch Your Diet

Applying hundreds of Skincare Products and Anti Aging Tips is not going to work unless you tackle the problem from the inside-out. If you want a meaningful change in the appearance and health of your skin, start by making healthy eating choices and work your way out.
There is no secret formula that you can simply slap onto your face to stop the aging process. You need to look deep and heal from the inside. For starters, drink plenty of water. Depriving your body of water can create dryness and cause intense dehydration.

This will not only damage your skin but also result in serious health problems. Drinking an adequate amount of water regularly can help you maintain a healthy glow and dewy appearance. Cut down your sugar and white carbohydrates as these can accelerate the aging process by breaking down glucose in your body.

Add protein, such as fish, meat, and beans into your diet to induce the formation of collagens. Apart from this, adding antioxidants, such as vitamin C, to your daily diet can help fight sun damage and keep your skin looking youthful and fresh.
Watch Your Diet

6. Don’t Skip the Moisturizer

This is probably one of the most important Anti Aging Tips for Your Skin. Applying moisturizer right after stepping out of the shower can lock the moisture in making your skin feel extra smooth and soft.

Don’t just moisturize your face. Make sure to apply it to your hands, feet, arms, and legs. In fact, if you can, apply it all over your body because you can never have enough moisturizer.
As we age, our oil glands tend to become less active leaving us with dehydrated and dried-out skin. Regular moisturization can help your skin properly prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
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7. Take Supplements

Omega-3s – found in seafood, like salmon – can help keep the skin moist and delay the maturing process by preventing the formation of wrinkles.

For people who don’t eat fish or fish products, dermatologists suggest taking flaxseed oil or fish oil supplements to replenish the natural oils or lipids of their skin.
Remember to consult your dermatologist before taking any supplements.

Take Supplements

Final Words

Here are the Best Natural Anti Wrinkles and Anti Aging Tips we could find. Just incorporate these in your regular Skincare Routine to save yourself from Aging Skin Problems. Let us know if we left any important Tip in the Comments below!

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